Performance People
performance people

Georgie + Ben Ainslie chat to people in high performance partnerships from sport, entertainment, business and politics in this new podcast. They talk about success + failure, highs + lows and how to overcome all sorts together. What these people know about performance is worth knowing (and sharing).

“In my head I thought, we’ve been farming for 12,000 years as a species, it must be in our DNA by now. It’s like eating, breathing, having sex, you don’t have to be taught how to do it, it’s just obvious. I really thought you just go along, put seeds in the ground, some weather was going to happen and then you’ll get food, how hard can it be? I’ve been staggered at how difficult it is.”

Jeremy Clarkson

TV presenter/columnist/farmer

“My end goal is to buy my own farm. That is where the dream is. The day I wake up on my own farm, walk out the front door and go 'that field there, I’m going to plant wheat in it', not because somebody tells me to but simply because I want to, that is when the dream is complete.”

Kaleb Cooper

Farmer/TV personality

Georgie Ainslie. Georgie is a sports broadcaster, anchoring the flagship show on Sky Sports News for over a decade, and a daily live news show on Fox Sports in New York. She also presented Formula 1, Ryder Cup and US Open Tennis coverage for Sky Sports. She has been a regular panellist on Sky One's A League of Their Own and host of BBC Radio 5 Live's Fighting Talk. She is wife to Ben and mother to Bellatrix, 6 and Fox, 1.

Ben Ainslie. Ben is the most decorated sailor in Olympic history. Winning 4 Olympic gold medals at consecutive games, he also won the 2013 America's Cup with Oracle Team USA in one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time. He is now CEO and skipper of the British SailGP team, and will lead the INEOS Team Britannia challenge for the 37th America's Cup in 2024. He is husband to Georgie and father to Bellatrix, 6 and Fox, 1.

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